High School 51 “Elisaveta Bagryana” on the map

Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday from 19:00, and every Saturday from 10:30 in the High School 51 “Elisaveta Bagryana” (the school gym), 28 “Sofiyski geroy” Str.

Students are accepted after an initial interview and must provide themselves with a training team (keikogi) or other suitable team, a short stick (jo) and a wooden sword (bokken).

The classes are led by Zahari Georgiev.

Zahari Georgiev Zahari Georgiev

Zahari Georgiev

Zahari Georgiev was born at 26 October 1955 in Sofia. He is Magister of economics. Married with two children. Proprietor of Publishing house Zager.

As a student he started practicing karate. Subsequently he gained experience in different martial arts. Since 2001 he is practicing Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu and creates the first school of this ancient martial art in Bulgaria. He established Shinki Kenbukan dojo in Sofia.

The significant part of his time and efforts he devoted to development of the Bushido tradition — The Way of the Warrior.